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Ms. Jo Strom Lane, teacher,, 503.916.5260 ext. 82424


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SIGN UP FOR REMINDERS for Technical Theatre and Design:
1. Go to or
2. Sign up.
3. Download the app.
4. On your phone, enter this number: (503) 343-9188...
5. ...with this message: @rhstechthr
6. Then you are a "subscriber" to the "class" entitled "Technical Theatre and Design."
Reminders will be sent out to all "subscribers" of this "class" via Reminders include deadlines, crew days, and more. Students, parents/guardians, and teachers will be a part of this group. You may not reply, only receive messages via

Course Description:
Learn and apply stagecraft, theatre management, and other technical theatre skills by designing and building the set, organizing the box office, helping with theatre marketing, designing and coordinating the costumes, props, sound, and lights for the fall and spring productions, children’s theatre production, and Senior Shorts (student-directed one-acts), among other events

Classroom Resources:
Stage Scenery: Its Construction and Rigging, Backstage Handbook, Stage Lighting Design, Making Theatre Props, the teacher, and potentially the local union (IATSE)

Students need to be aware of the important safety issues surrounding technical theatre and prepare appropriately. Due to the nature of technical theatre, students will be exposed to a riskier environment than a standard classroom. For example, students will work with lighting equipment requiring electricity with a higher wattage and use corded power tools to construct scenery. ‡ALL STUDENTS MUST PASS ALL WRITTEN AND PRACTICAL TESTS WITH THE TEACHER BEFORE WORKING ON ANY PROJECT USING THOSE TOOLS AND/OR SKILLS. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Materials needed (some provided by the theatre department*):
• Sturdy gloves*
• Safety goggles*
• Earplugs
• Closed-toe shoes
• Paint/work clothing (no "nice" clothes)

All students enrolled in technical theatre are required to participate in at least two crew days for productions in order to receive full credit for this course. All crew days will be announced and posted on the callboard at least one week in advance of the crew days. However, most crew days are Fridays from 3:30-5:30 P.M. in the auditorium.

Teachers' Responsibilities:
• Provide opportunities for students to learn, test, and practice each skill needed
• Test all students in the use of every tool and skill (both written and practical tests)
• Only allow students who have successfully tested use that tool or skill

Students' Responsibilities:
• Takes notes and learn the material required
• Study and pass all skills and knowledge tests
• Practice skills and knowledge
• Participate in crew days

Attendance Policy:
It is imperative and expected that students attend every class, every week. Due to the high risk nature of a class that uses power tools and other theatre supplies, attendance is required to learn the safety and application of such tools in order to use them safely and appropriately throughout the class and crew days. The first excused absence will be counted as excused without penalty to the student’s grade. However, all other absences or missed classes, whether excused or unexcused, will result in a 1% drop in the student’s overall grade.

Grading Policy:
Students are expected to complete all work on or before pre-determined deadlines. Any late work credit, if any, is at the teacher’s discretion. The grading categories breakdown below pre-supposes that all work is completed on time and thoroughly. Additional opportunities to demonstrate skills can be earned for attending additional crew days to apply gained knowledge.

Crew Days (Labs/Application of Skills)
• Crew day #1 (Fall Semester)
• Crew day #2 (Spring Semester)
• Crew day #3 (Spring Semester)

Participation (Practice/Demonstration of Skills)
• In class note-taking
• In class focused work time
• Completion of crew assignments

Skills and Knowledge Tests (Showing Mastery)
• Knowledge Tests (shop safety; other examples listed below)
• Identification of hardware, tools, parts of a flat, lighting instruments, etc. • Skills Tests (shop safety; other examples listed below)
• Use of a skill saw, hammer, corded drill, rigging equipment, etc.

• Daily attendance
• See attendance policy


I understand that technical theatre is inherently riskier than a standard classroom. By signing below, I agree to monitor my own behavior to create a safe working environment for my peers, teacher, and myself. I agree that I must pass all knowledge and skills tests, both written and practical, with my teacher in order to use any equipment safely. I must sign all medical and permission forms in order to work in the theatre. I understand that if I fail to comply with the given safety rules and regulations, do not follow safe practices, and I do get hurt, whether with a minor, major, or severe injury, it is my responsibility to cover all of my expenses. I understand that the medical and permission forms outline the conditions and hold harmless the parties involved with the activity if fault lies with me.




Roosevelt High School ǀ 6941 N. Central St., Portland Oregon, 97203
Lobby Entrance is located off of N. Ida St. & N. Sky Ave.


(503) 916-5260 x 71424

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