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Ms. Jo Strom Lane, teacher,, 503.916.5260 ext. 82424


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SIGN UP FOR REMINDERS for Advanced Acting:
1. Go to or
2. Sign up.
3. Download the app.
4. On your phone, enter this number: (503) 343-9188...
5. ...with this message: @rhsadvact
6. Then you are a "subscriber" to the "class" entitled "Advanced Acting."
Reminders will be sent out to all "subscribers" of this "class" via Reminders include deadlines, events, and more. Students, parents/guardians, and teachers will be a part of this group. You may not reply, only receive messages via

Course Description:
Students learn the facets of theatre production from playwriting to dramaturgy, basic staging and characterization to stage management, design to technical work until performance. Students are required to participate in the fall production and spring Senior Shorts one-act play festival. They also will learn acting including dialectical work, directing, technical theatre techniques, advanced monologue and scene analysis, and study theatre history. Students are expected to participate in the Acting Showcase, Oregon Thespians Northwest Regional Acting Competition, and potentially attend State Thespian Conference (*see additional details on separate page).

Textbook and Resources Available: Theatre: Art in Action © 1999 and classroom theatre library

Classroom Expectations (Show your Rider PRIDE!):
Personal Responsibility: Bring supplies to class daily: PENCILS, ERASER, pens, paper, theatre notebook, and any other materials required for each class. Wear clothing that is comfortable and in which you are able to move.
Respect: Treat fellow students, teachers, and others with respect. THEATRE IS A COLLABORATIVE ART THAT REQUIRES TEAMWORK. Without respect, the classroom team fails. With respect, it flourishes.
Integrity: Push yourself to work hard and cooperate in groups. Put your best work forward and be proud of what you share. THEATRE IS AN ACTIVE PARTICIPATION CLASS. Effort, cooperation, and participation will be rewarded. Attitude and cooperation warrants additional participation in showcases.
Discipline/Diligence: Be present and ON TIME daily, ready to learn. Rehearsals are not effective when you are late or absent.
Empathy: Cooperation in group activities and willingness to share work. Encourage others to share. Give and receive constructive criticism for all to become better artists.

Attendance Policy:
Since the class does not meet daily, it is imperative and expected that students attend every class, every week. If students are absent, whether excused or unexcused, during any pre-planned performances or tests, students may not be able to retake or makeup the performances or tests. Teacher discretion will be used to determine any credit awarded and makeup options. See RHS attendance policy.

Homework and Grading:
Theatre does require homework! Complete and turn in all assignments on time. All students will be scored for their performances using the same judging rubrics for Regionals. All work is scored with a point system and/or with rubrics to be distributed in class. Assessments include daily attendance, on task rehearsal, memorization by deadlines, completion of theatre arts notebook, discussion and cooperation, in class performances, and analyses of characters and scenes. No late work can or will be accepted. Any late work credit, if any, is at the teacher’s discretion. Bonus points can be earned for attending additional crew days or theatre performances.

*Required Events:
All students enrolled are required to participate in the events listed below outside of the class in order to complete the course and the hours necessary to receive full credit for that semester.
• Fall production: Additional after school rehearsal are required in the weeks prior to evening performances. See separate rehearsal schedule for details.
• Acting Showcase before Regionals: Family and friends are invited to the Acting Showcase to see the students perform their audition/competition pieces prior to the Regional competition. This is the only opportunity for family and friends to see the audition/competition performances.
• Oregon Thespians NW Regional Acting Competition: A per event entry fee is charged for Regionals. Details provided for entry, deadlines, and fees. Scholarships available. Sorry, only competitors and their Theatre Directors are able to attend Regionals.
• Spring production: Senior Shorts senior-directed one-act play festival: Additional after school rehearsal are required prior to evening performances. See separate rehearsal schedule for details.

Non-participation in required performances of the fall one-act and Senior Shorts will result in a full letter grade drop per event missed. No exceptions. (i.e. If you earned an A, but miss one performance of the fall one-act, you will receive a B. If you then miss another performance, you’ll have a C and so on.)

Additional Theatrical Opportunities (examples):
• Evening Performances (optional performance opportunities will be announced)
• Field trips (optional trips to community and/or school theatre productions)
• Participation in Drama Club/Thespians (optional club/earned membership)
• Attendance and competition at Oregon Thespian State Conference
Please note: You must attend school at least one half day in order to participate in any after school opportunities. No pass, no play policy applies, too.

Roosevelt High School ǀ 6941 N. Central St., Portland Oregon, 97203
Lobby Entrance is located off of N. Ida St. & N. Sky Ave.


(503) 916-5260 x 71424

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