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Would you like to help us make theatre magic? We can always use volunteers from as little as once for an hour to many hours over the several months of preparation through production, and everything in between. Maybe you'd like to come to one of our scenery work days to help build the set. Or maybe you are interested in working our box office for the run of a show. Whatever your interests, we have a volunteer job available for you! Work with the director in any of the following areas either as a Coordinator, Assistant, or Crew Member for any production:

COSTUMES: organizing, renting, borrowing, finding, buying, and/or sewing costumes.

MAKE UP/HAIR: organize supplies needed for make up or hair, apply make up, or style hair for an actor or the cast.

SCENERY: build, paint, and create the scenery.

PROPS: borrow, find, buy, or create any or all of the handheld properties.

LIGHTING: hang and focus instruments, drop color into frames, help repair lighting instruments that need new electrical plugs, and more.

SOUND: create or find sound and music for before, during, and after the show.

HOUSE MANAGEMENT/BOX OFFICE: getting ushers and ticket takers for each production night, selling tickets and refreshments any night of a production, potential to help coordinate student matinees.

PUBLICITY/MARKETING: anything from creating to printing to hanging up posters to working on the program and tickets to soliciting businesses to purchase ads in our program.

GREEN ROOM/REFRESHMENTS: be available backstage during the show to help actors; provide water for actors, and refreshments for patrons.

CHILD WRANGLER: be available during rehearsals and/or performances to engage younger actors in activities in an alternate space while they wait for their time on stage. They are needed for shows with younger children and parents of those younger children usually take turns as the two wranglers needed for each rehearsal and performance.

OTHER: If you have another skill and would like to help, such as photography, please contact the Theatre Director.

Contact the Theatre Department to volunteer by emailed the director Jo Strom Lane at

Roosevelt High School ǀ 6941 N. Central St., Portland Oregon, 97203
Lobby Entrance is located off of N. Ida St. & N. Sky Ave.


(503) 916-5260 x 71424

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