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Colored Theatre Lights


As the Visual and Performing Arts Department, we believe that ALL Arts (art, dance, media arts, music, and theatre) are academic and vital to EVERY student in their preparation for their lives past high school, including college and career. Once students complete their matriculation, we want students to:

  • be aware of Arts as a legitimate career-path and/or its influence on other career choices

  • engage in critical thinking on a variety of levels in Bloom’s taxonomy

  • feel empowered to showcase their own creative voice as a developing artist

  • experience intellectual and emotional growth

  • demonstrate the skill and knowledge required to participate in the professional Arts community

Actors on stage


Theatre Arts Department

We provide quality theatre education to a diverse body of student-artists who seek intellectual, physical, and emotional challenges as performers, designers, technicians, and patrons. We desire all students to participate in a range of theatrical experiences in creating artistic work from a variety of genres, producing high quality school theatre, responding with constructive criticism, and connecting for a deeper understanding of each other. We are passionate about educating, preparing, and inspiring students to be lifelong learners and artists, whether recreational or professional, using theatre as a vehicle for social change.

Thespian Society Mission Statement
Honoring excellence in school theatre

Our Purpose, according to our troupe's constitution:

The advancement of standards of excellence in theatre; the troupe shall encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts.

Actors on stage


Theatre Arts Department

To develop, support, and sustain quality educational theatre for all students through multi-level coursework, diversity of performance opportunities, connections with other theatre organizations, and active involvement in Thespians.

* Students able to take up to 4 levels of Acting AND up to 4 levels of Design/Tech.

* Students enrolled for Dual Credit can earn up to 6 college credits in performance through PCC. Competency tests required with minimum passing score.

* Design and Technical Theatre students earn recognition through CTE. Use of USITT's BACKStage Competency tests required with minimum passing score.

* 1.0 FTE designated for Theatre Arts: Performance (Ms. Lane)

* 1.0 FTE for Design and Technical Theatre/CTE (TBD).

* Regular use of PAC RATS student tech team to run outside events (minimum wage).

* Theatre runs as IATSE House with professional mentors.

* Support in attending/participation in Thespians and other opportunities.

* Sustainable partnerships with local PROFESSIONAL THEATRES.

Mountainous Landscape


As the Roosevelt HS Theatre Department, we acknowledge that we are gathered on the traditional territory of the Multnomah, Cowlitz, and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde people who are the original stewards of this unceded land where we live, learn, and create. This land is currently home to many diverse First Nation peoples who want the land back. We acknowledge the ancestors of this place and understand that we are here because of the sacrifices forced upon First Nations. We recognize the role and impact of white colonialism, settler occupation, and oppression of people of color in our country, particularly in our educational system; we will not be bystanders. Through theatre, we honor the original Indigenous storytellers. We commit to providing monetary compensation to descendant storytellers, very much still alive and present today. Let us be in community together through theatre.

Go to to find out more about local Indigenous territories and languages.

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