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The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation believes that there should be opportunities for young people to create change. The CommuniCare program provides an environment where young adults learn about the needs of their communities through grant making and thus promote a long-term understanding and ethic of philanthropy and volunteerism. By challenging students to engage in community service that is both rewarding and educational, we hope to encourage them to become active adult citizens in their communities.


The CommuniCare Group from Roosevelt High School’s Advanced Theatre class is focused on providing grants to underfunded non-profit organizations with performing and visual arts programs. We will give grants to developing organizations based in the Portland Metro Area that are focused on giving marginalized communities access to arts programs that wouldn’t normally be available, so the organizations can increase their size and influence (and by extension allowing more people to participate in performing and visual arts). In the future our group envisions, all communities will have equal access to arts education regardless of social or economic status.

Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț
RHS TH 2024.jpg

Roosevelt Theatre's CommuniCare Group 2023-2024
being silly at the Awards Ceremony after awarding over $16,700 in grants to local nonprofit arts organizations

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