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Where the Points Are Fake but the Laughs Are Real!

Roosevelt's Rough Rider RUCKUS Improv Team is a group of students who learn, practice, and perform short form improv games, similar to those seen on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

RUCKUS invites you to come see the improv team perform!

  • Back To School Night

  • Acting Showcase

  • Theatre In Our Schools Month (March)

  • Senior Shorts

Roosevelt HS Black Box Theatre

For more performances...

See Current Season page

Free Admission for all RUCKUS events.

Hire RUCKUS to entertain at your event. Contact us for more information.



These creative drama games were first introduced in the early 1900s by Winifred Ward. These games, and others, were developed further in the middle of the century by theatre education gurus Dorothy Heathcote and Nellie McCaslin, among others, such as Viola Spolin. Now, professional improv troupes, companies, and schools around the world use theatre games to develop characters, create original scripts, original performances and more!

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