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Classes offer selections for both acting and technical theatre students with additional opportunities for outside work. All Theatre Arts coursework is offered through Roosevelt's traditional coursework, as well as an after school credit program. We offer CTE and Dual Credit coursework.


Theatre Arts is the most diverse academic subject because it incorporates every discipline. In Beginning Acting, students explore pantomime, movement, voice, character development, improvisation, make up, costuming, theatre history, scene study, analysis, technical theatre, and production techniques in various ways. Theatre Arts class will have opportunities to share their progress throughout the year.


Building from foundation basics learned in Beginning Acting, Intermediate Acting includes more focused acting techniques with character development through short and long form improvisation, scene study, theatre history, continuation of tech theatre, children's theatre, classics and contemporary plays with analysis, non-contact stage combat, musical theatre choreography, and readers’ theatre. Intermediate has performance and competitions built into the curriculum.

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Students learn the facets of theatre production from playwriting to dramaturgy, characterization to advanced acting techniques for performance. They also will learn acting including dialectical work, directing, technical theatre techniques, advanced monologue and scene analysis, and study theatre history. Students are expected to participate in the Acting Showcase, showcasing work for Oregon Thespians Northwest Regional Acting, English-Speaking Shakespeare and August Wilson Monologue Competitions, and potentially attend State Thespian Conference.


Students can take Senior Theatre for Dual Credit through PCC. Additional registration, documentation, and assignments required.


Stagecraft courses are intended to help students develop experience and skill in one or more aspects of theatrical production, but concentrate on stagecraft (such as lighting, costuming, set construction, makeup, stage management, and so on). Initial courses are usually introductory in nature, while more advanced courses concentrate on improving techniques and traditions and increasing their chances of participating in public productions. This course includes Theatre Design and provides a discussion of robust technical career opportunities in the entertainment and theatre industries. Students who pass the Techincal Skills Assessment receive CTE cords for graduation.

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Theatrical Production and Management course prepares individuals to control and direct the planning, design, preparation, and production of theatrical performances. Course content may include instruction in theatrical design, program management, dramatic production, rehearsal management, personnel management and casting, actor coaching, directing concepts and techniques, theater history, scene work, script interpretation, business management, marketing, public relations, and communication skills. Learn and apply stagecraft, theatre management, and other technical theatre skills by designing and building the set, organizing the box office, helping with theatre marketing, designing and coordinating the costumes, props, sound, and lights for the fall and spring productions, children’s theatre production, and Senior Shorts (student-directed one-acts), among other events.


Students can take Stagecraft 7-8 for Dual Credit through PCC. Additional registration, documentation, and assignments required.



1. Go to or
2. Sign up.
3. Download the app.
4. On your phone, enter this number: (503) 343-9188...
5. ...with this message: @rhsbegact, @rhsintact, @rhsadvact, OR @rhstechthr
6. Then you are a "subscriber" to the "class."
Reminders will be sent out to all "subscribers" of this "class" via Reminders include deadlines, events, and more. Students, parents/guardians, and teachers will be a part of this group. You may send messages via

1. Go to Search for "jostromlane".

2. Click on the corresponding vocab for this quarter.
3. Use the Flashcards to learn the words and definitions for each quarter.
4. Use the test or games to study for each quarter's vocab quiz.



1. Go to

2. Click on "Student Login". When using the mobile site, click on the drop down menu to access the "Student Login".

3. Enter Room "07289" then enter your first and last name.

3. Teacher must activate the quiz for you to take it.

4. When you are done, you may log out.

CROW Character Analysis Form

Please complete CROW for every monologue, scene, song, or project using first person point of view. i.e. You are writing from the perspective of your character.

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